Frequently Asked Questions

Why book at

Travel vaccinations are always recommended before you go on holiday. Unfortunately, many of these jabs are no longer free on the NHS, which means you and your family will incur a cost of hundreds of pounds just before you go on holiday. finds your nearest travel clinics and then compares the prices based on your destination. This ensures low cost jabs and substantial savings. Once you select your travel clinic, you then reserve your jabs by booking an appointment at a time convenient to you. Once you book we’ll ensure the travel clinic has the required jabs in stock before your arrival.

What vaccinations do I need?

Based on your destination of travel, our website can tell you the mandatory and recommended vaccinations for your trip and the best price on offer. At the time of your appointment, a health professional will complete a one-to-one assessment and then confirm the required vaccinations for your travel.

How much are travel vaccinations?

Travel vaccinations can cost an average of £120 per person. However, this depends on your destination of travel and also previous inoculations. Since this is a sizeable cost to incur, our website will compare the prices from across 1,000’s travel clinics ensuring you save money by getting the best deal.

Is it true, offer the cheapest travel vaccinations? is a comparison site. This means we’ll find your nearest travel clinic and also compare the prices. Since we aim to get you the best deal, we’d like to think were saving money.

How do I book my appointment online?

Once you’ve selected your travel clinic, you’ll be prompted to register with your email address and then book a time slot which works for you. Booking an appointment will cost you £12 (which is discounted from the total cost of your vaccinations). Appointments will last for 30mins ensuring you get a complete service and an opportunity to ask any questions before you travel.

Will my travel insurance become void if I don’t take correct vaccinations?

Yes this is becoming the norm now. Travel insurance companies believe that if you fall ill and it is a direct result of not taking the correct vaccinations then they have every right not to pay out. To avoid this risk we advise getting the correct vaccinations before you travel.

Refunds and cancellations

If for any reason you want to cancel your appointment or if no vaccinations are required after your one-to-one appointment then a full refund will be provided.