Sunny and Jignesh started traveljab.co.uk in 2016. Sunny is a Digital Technology Consultant and an avid traveller. Jignesh is a career pharmacist with over 25 years experience. In addition to being a pharmacist, Jignesh has specialised in travel health for several years.

On one spring evening, Sunny was discussing with Jignesh about the difficulty of trying to find a local travel clinic for advice and even harder finding one which has vaccinations in stock that doesn’t charge extortionate prices. After several hours of discussions, we realised that most social travellers, business travellers and students are having the same problem. So we thought…wouldn’t it be great if there was a website which easily informed travellers which vaccinations they required, advice on when to take them and then be able to search travel clinics based on availability of vaccines, prices, patient reviews and then book an appointment with their chosen travel clinic.

So on Sunday May 6th traveljab.co.uk was born!!


Over 60 million people travel abroad from the UK every year, but less than 50% seek health advice before travelling. This potentially puts millions of travellers at risk during or immediately after their trip. There are several common reasons why travellers don’t get the required vaccinations,

  • They didn’t know where to go,
  • Their GP practice doesn’t have any available appointments,
  • Their clinic didn’t have all the required vaccinations,
  • It was too late,
  • It’s too expensive.

Our mission is to address all these reasons but also improve travel health knowledge for patients and make travel health clinics much more accessible by giving each patient choice and convenience at the right price.


Our solution is simply to make travel clinics more accessible and help you select the right travel clinic before you go abroad. Our unique platform will help patients select their travel clinic based on availability of vaccines, location, price, patient reviews, spoken language and whether they want a male or female travel health professional. We believe these are all the key search criteria’s to ensure you select the right clinic.

Furthermore our solution is available via Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles to ensure you can search, compare and book appointments wherever you are and whatever device you use.