Our Mission

‘To improve accessibility to vaccinations by providing choice at comparable prices, so patients can make informed decisions 

A history of vaccines

COVID-19 has altered everyone’s outlook on life and changed our perception on what we call normal. The world is waiting in anticipation for a vaccine which will enable us all to resume our lives by going to work, embracing our friends and loved ones. It is certainly a strange time, but it is not unique in history.  

Pandemics have come and gone, whether it was the flu pandemic in 1889, the American polio epidemic in 1916, the Spanish flu in 1918, the West African Ebola epidemic in 2014 or the Zika virus in the present day. The world has faced pandemics and epidemics which have resulted in millions of lives being lost.  Nevertheless, out of these dark times mankind has persevered and developed vaccinations to counter diseases to ensure we can travel the world safely and ensure we protect our families. 

In the UK, millions of vaccinations are administered to adults and children every year. Whether it’s the annual flu vaccine, the Shingles vaccines, Meningitis ACWY or Hepatitis B. We live in a country where our health system ensures certain vaccines are free but unfortunately many are also private and can be quite costly.  

At TravelJab, we want to ensure vaccines are accessible to every UK patient, whether they are available on the NHS for free or are private. If they’re on the NHS, we want to point you in the right direction and if they’re private we’ll help you compare prices and book an appointment in 3 easy steps.   

Why Travel Jab?

Traveljab.co.uk is the UK’s leading vaccination price comparison website. Whether you’re going on holiday, travelling for business, taking a gap year abroadin need of occupational health vaccinations or simply require your annual flu jab, our website points you in the right direction. 

Did you know that there are over 10,000 vaccination clinics in the UK? There are specialist travel clinics, Pharmacies and GP Surgeries which all administer vaccinations. With Travel Jab, searching for vaccination clinics has never been easier for youIf you’re looking for a clinic near your home, your place of work or simply need to stick to budget, our website can help you find your preferred clinic and book an appointment in three easy steps, 

  1. SEARCH for vaccinations, 
  1. COMPARE prices, and 
  1. BOOK an appointment  

Thousands of patients trust us every year to provide convenience and save money, so start with traveljab.co.uk.